Download uLisp


Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega 2560, and ATmega1284

Download the latest AVR version of uLisp for the Arduino ATmega platforms here:

AVR Version 2.2 - 19th May 2018

or get it from GitHub at

Arduino Due, Arduino Zero, Arduino MKRZero, and BBC Micro Bit

Download the latest ARM version of uLisp for the Arduino SAM/SAMD and BBC Micro Bit platforms here:

ARM Version 2.2a - 21st May 2018

or get it from GitHub at

Energia MSP430 platforms

Download the latest version of uLisp for the Energia MSP430 platforms here:

MSP430 Version 2.2 - 19th May 2019

or get it from GitHub at

Changes in Version 2.2

uLisp ARM Version 2.2 adds support for the BBC Micro Bit; see BBC Micro Bit. uLisp MSP430 Version 2.2 adds support for the MSP430 FR5994 LaunchPad board.

Installing uLisp

This download is a text file. To compile it in the Arduino or Energia IDE either save it as a text file and rename it to a .cpp file, or copy and paste the text into a new empty project file.

Download the latest Arduino IDE from, or the latest Energia IDE from

To install uLisp on the BBC Micro Bit see BBC Micro Bit.

Note that saved images are not generally compatible between different versions of uLisp.

Compile options

The uLisp sources provide the following compile options:

Option Default Description
checkoverflow enabled Generates an error if underflow/overflow occurs in arithmetic operations.
resetautorun disabled Loads, and optionally runs, an image using load-image on reset.
printfreespace enabled Prints the number of free cells before the uLisp prompt.
serialmonitor enabled Allows the use of the serial monitor to download programs.
printgcs disabled Prints the amount of space reclaimed after each garbage collection.
sdcardsupport disabled Provides SD card support using with-sd-card.

Older versions

See Older versions.