Arduino MKRZero

The Arduino MKRZero is similar to the Arduino Zero, but in a smaller form-factor board. It also includes a micro-SD card socket, allowing an SD card to be used for saving and loading uLisp images:



The Arduino MKRZero has an orange LED connected to the digital pin 32 which you can flash with the following program:

(defun blink (x)
  (pinmode 32 t)
  (digitalwrite 32 x)
  (delay 1000)
  (blink (not x)))

Run it by typing:

(blink t)

Exit from the program by entering ~.

Wemos SAMD21 M0-Mini

A similar compact ATSAMD21-based board is the Wemos SAMD21 M0-Mini Module [1]:


It works with the Arduino IDE; I got good results with the Boards Manager Arduino MKRZERO option, and the performance with uLisp is identical to the Arduino MKRZERO.

  1. ^ Wemos SAMD21 M0-Mini Module on Banggood.