Arduino Due

The Arduino Due is one of the fastest platforms supported by uLisp. It is based on the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU, with 512 KB flash memory, 96 KB RAM, and an 84 MHz clock:


The above version is a clone from Geekcreit, available from Banggood [1].

Note that it is a 3.3V processor, and the I/O lines could be damaged by higher voltages.


The Arduino Due has an orange LED connected to the digital pin 13 which you can flash with the following program:

(defun blink (x)
  (pinmode 13 t)
  (digitalwrite 13 x)
  (delay 1000)
  (blink (not x)))

Run it by typing:

(blink t)

Pin 13 can also be used as an analogue pin, so you can pulsate the orange LED slowly on and off with the program:

(defun pulse ()
  (let (down)
     (dotimes (x 256) 
       (delay 5) 
       (analogwrite 13 (if down (- 255 x) x)))
     (setq down (not down)))))

Run it by typing:


Exit from either program by entering ~.

  1. ^ Geekcreit DUE R3 32 Bit ARM on Banggood.