MSP430 F5529 LaunchPad

The MSP430 F5529 LaunchPad is based on the MSP430F5529 processor running at 25MHz, and it provides 128 KB of flash memory and 8 KB of RAM. Although there's no EEPROM, the flash can be used as EEPROM allowing the full workspace to be saved with save-image and reloaded with load-image.


This board is capable of running all the uLisp examples.

Push buttons

The MSP430 F5529 LaunchPad has push buttons connected to the digital pins 41 and 42; you can print their status with the following program:

(defun buttons ()
  (pinmode 41 2)
  (pinmode 42 2)
  (loop (print (list (digitalread 41) (digitalread 42)))))


The MSP430 F5529 LaunchPad has a red and green LEDs connected to the digital pins 43 and 44 which you can flash alternately with the following program:

(defun blink (x)
  (pinmode 43 t)
  (pinmode 44 t)
  (digitalwrite 43 x)
  (digitalwrite 44 (not x))
  (delay 1000)
  (blink (not x)))

Run it by typing:

(blink t)